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Wuthering Heights by Emily Bronte

Another classic of English literature, Wuthering Heights was written by Emily Bronte and published in 1875. Even if at first his value was not recognized, this novel transformed Emily Bronte in one of the finest writers of the 19th century, even if this is hr only novel.

Mental and physical cruelty are accurately described

Plot summary

Wuthering Heights presents the doomed love story of fiercely passionate Heathcliff and Catherine Earnshaw and how their unresolved passion ends up destroying them and people around them.

Healthcliff was an orphan taken care by Mr. Earnshaw. As he grows older, he falls in love with Catherine, Mr. Earnshaw`s daughter, but he loses her and becomes a bitter man seeking for revenge. For losing Catherine, he blames Hindley (her brother) and Edgar Linton. Catherine marries Edgar Linton and enters a world ruled by materialism. Meanwhile, Heatcliff becomes a wealthy man in order to impress Catherine and moves to Wuthering Heights, but she dies, fueling his range even more. After Hindley`s death, Heatcliff becomes owner of both the Earnshaw estate and Hareton, Hindley`s son. Heatcliff wins the custody of his son, Linton, and makes him marry Cathy, Catherine`s daughter. Even if he wants to steal the Grange from Edgar using Linton, both Linton and Edgar die and he becomes owner of the Thrushcross Grange, too. Heathcliff forces Cathy to marry Hareton and they really love each other. After Heathcliff`s death, the couple inherit all his fortune.

Themes and style

Because of complex observation and artistic subtlety, Wuthering Heights is more than a Gothic novel. Dissected and analyzed from all possible perspectives, the novel still hides mysteries. The style is a dreary, melancholy one that creates a dark atmosphere of the story.

The two major themes of Wuthering Heights are love and hate and the way these two feelings contrast. Heathcliff portrays hate and how it can lead to destruction, while in contrast with the love of Cathy and Hareton. In fact, Cathy and Hareton symbolize Catherine and Heatcliff showing how their relationship could have evolved if the context would have been different.

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