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The Winner Stands Alone by Paulo Coelho

The Winner Stands Alone by Paulo Coelho is another best-selling novel first published in 2008, it depicts an exciting journey that explores our constant fascination with the worlds of fortune and fame.

The novel The Winner Stands Alone by Paulo Coelho represents an intense contemplation on personal power and innocent dreams that are destroyed or negatively influenced by fame and money. The action of the novel is set in the worlds of cinema and fashion and it takes place over the course of one day, 24 hours. The setting of the action is during the Cannes Film Festival.

The Winner Stands Alone focuses on the story of Igor, a prosperous, motivated Russian entrepreneur who wants to conquer back his lost love, ex-wife, Ewa, and is willing to overcome anything in order to achieve it, no matter how dark thinks may turn. He believes that Ewa was predestined to him, to spend their lives together, and he even confessed to her once that he would destroy worlds just to return to him. Thus, the battle between an individual evil force and society comes forth, and morality is eventually subverted. The world of the actors, directors, producers, supermodels, designers, aspiring starlets, former stars is called the “Superclass”. Paulo Coelho depicts the fascinating world dominated by excess, fame, glamor and thus also paints the awful consequences of the obsession and pursuit for fame. Coelho lets the reader see that people who want to become famous and fortunate, to enter the “Superclass” world need to suffer to get there and once they are there, they regret they have chosen this path.

Igor is the main character of the novel and the most interesting character, as well. He is the lover, the guardian, the man who thinks he is acting in the name of God. Although he believes his conversations are with his angel or with God, the entity to which he talks is not a good spirit and orders him to commit murder. The pursuit for money can only lead to atrocious things and nothing good can ever come from greed. Greed makes people pursue the wrong things, makes people lose their way, without even realizing it in time. Paulo Coelho’s novel is not about the price we need to pay for dreams. On the contrary, it revolves around the enormous price we pay for chasing illusions, and not true dreams. The Winner Stands Alone by Paulo Coelho is more of a warning and not a manifesto. People should be able to draw their own conclusions – the right conclusions.

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