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The Art of War

For years now, there were been created some influential treatises due to be known wherever in the world. The same rule seems to have applied to the Art of War as well, since it is a historic military yet nowadays still known treatise that is kept in everyone’s mind. Even if most of the people did not know what it was all about, at least they knew it by name. So, in case you are looking forward to knowing more about the revolutionary writings that made history, make sure to stick with us and keep reading the following lines:

Being attributed to Sun Tzu, who was known for having the mentality regarding the war as being an evil ought to be avoided whenever possible, the Art of War started to reveal slowly how a war should be fought. He states the fact that no war comes with advantages, especially if there are economic loses on the both sides (and no war can avoid that by any means). Also, when talking about capturing a town, it should be intact and destroyed only if there is no other way to deal with it. Any other damages are as well, utterly important not to interfere with, and so to be avoided.

Another aspect found in the Art of War has to deal with the strategic position. All the sides of the battle need to start having a logical strategy, and consider the steps before being made.

The Art of War is divided into 13 different chapters, regarding the aspects of the war. The first one, known as ‘Laying Plans’, opens the insights of the story , giving all the necessary details to let you know the information just as it should be taught. Although throughout time there have been made different translations to the book, the collection has the same understanding as a whole. If you are not the kind of person who stays and enjoys a great book, but instead, a movie can do the work for you, then make sure to wait a little bit more until the film based on the Art of War is released.

These being said, whether you are a war lover or a peace one, make sure to get the Art of War knowledge as soon as possible. Even though at the first sight the chapters have to deal only with the war between countries, actually you will slowly get to understand the fact that they can easily apply to the real life as well, between two or more people. In fact, the Art of War is a great knowledge to help you understand the way others see and judge facts, so you should definitely go for it when the right time comes.

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