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Lord of the Flies by William Golding

One of the best English-language novels, Lord of the Flies was written by William Golding and published 1954. The novel tells the adventurous story of a group of boys blocked on a deserted island who wants to govern themselves but the results are not as expected.

Plot Summary

A British plane crashes and the only passengers to survive are a group of boys below the age of 13 who find themselves on a deserted island. Ralph is voted as their leader and decides two major things for the group: to have fun and to maintain a fire signal that can lead to their salvation. Ralph`s opposite candidate is Jack, a boy who leads the group of hunters responsible for bringing meat. The fictive power is therefore shared between Ralph, Jack and Simon.

The boys start believing there is a beast on the island. When Ralph and Jack go to check if the beast is on the top of the mountain as it was reported, they find a pilot`s corpse and think it is the monster, sleeping. They all agree there is a beast and they split into two groups: Ralph`s takes care of the fire, Jack`s takes care of the hunting. Jack`s tribe becomes more and more animalistic as they use face-painting.

Simon goes seeking for the monster, but instead he finds the head of the dead pig killed by Jack`s hunters. The pig head on as stick is swarming with scavenging flies and Simon has the impression that it is talking to him saying it is the real beast of the island. Also, the pig head says the boys have created the beast while the true beast is inside all of them. After identifying the supposed beast to be a simple corpse, Simon tries to share the truth with Jack`s tribe, but he is killed by mistake. The two tribes start fighting, but the conflict is ended quickly as they are rescued by a warship.


The main themes of Lord of the Flies are the antagonism between civilization and savagery along with the loss of innocence. There is also the idea that the innate evil is present in every human being.

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