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Ender’s Game

These days, one can select among various books to read, no matter the preferences in literary genres. If you are a passionate reader and this is what you like to do in your leisure time, you probably know that science fiction books are great to read, thanks to the imaginary worlds and events they depict in their stories. Among the best-selling science fiction novels, we want to draw your attention to Ender’s Game, by Orson Scott Card.

The first thing you need to know regarding this book is that, unlike other books that deal with fantasy literature meant to please children, this science fiction novel proposes to reflect a possible existence of unknown alien races in our galaxy. People have always been interested in finding more about the Moon or other planets exiting in the solar system, which represent unexplored places for humanity. Moreover, the interest in finding proofs of alien existence has been made clear by many scientists and ufologists in their reports of U.F.O appearance on Earth. If you like reading various facts and news about alien existence evidence, then this book will surely be something which can captivate you from first to last page.

The science fiction novel Ender’s Game was published in 1985, although it first appeared as a short story in 1977. The short story was developed by the author into a novel and after he created a series of the Ender’s Game, by writing additional novels. This novel has come to be very popular among readers, these days and certain stage managers have also chosen its story to make it into movies.

Basically, the book presents the image of the world and humanity being under-recovery, after two destructive attacks from the Fomics. The Fomics is the term used to depict an insectoid alien race that came on Earth, in order to conquer and rule its world. They are individuals that act like a group, thus being compared by the writer with the ants that protect their queen. The main character of the story is Ender Wiggin, who is a bright minded young boy attending the Battle School. Humans are aware of the fact that a third invasion of aliens will occur, which is why they train the most talented kids, in order to enter the service of their international fleet. The story line follows the training and knowledge acquiring in the arts of war of the main character along with other talented kids that are to turn the situation with aliens to humanity’s favor.

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