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If you want to read a book which has to deal with the concept of utopia – term which is used to reflect an ideal world or society which has strict rules, in order for the people to lead a perfect existence – , then you should definitely read the 1984 novel by George Orwell. This novel was released in 1949 and it soon became very popular, its title being even mentioned on the lists of “Modern Library 1oo Best Novels”. The literary genres this novel addresses are the political fiction, social science fiction and dystopian.

The world the author images in his story is one that is meant to look like a perfect place to be, but in fact it is a society where people are controlled, manipulated in order to do only what the Party – a tyrant organization – wants, regardless of the needs individuals have for independent thinking and private life.

The 1984’s story presents the life of Winston Smith, who is an intellectual and a member of the Outer Party. The main character works in the Records Department of the Ministry of Truth and mostly his job consists of rewriting historical events in a way in which his writings should not affect the image of the Ministry of Truth.

All society’s individuals are monitored and controlled by Big Brother and the Party. The devices, the tyrant organizations use in controlling people, consist of telescreens which are placed everywhere in public institutions and people’s homes. However, Winston keeps a journal, where he puts down his negative thoughts in regards to the activity of the Party and Big Brother. But, keeping a diary is prohibited in such society, which is why the protagonist needs to be attentive at not being monitored by telescreens and put to death by the Thought police. Winston considers O’Brien, a member of the Party, to be his friend and ally, which is why he tells him about his beliefs regarding the Party. In time, the protagonist comes to fall in love with Julia, whom he first considered to be his enemy. They live their romance in places where they thought to be safe from telescreens’ monitoring, so that they have privacy. Unfortunately, O’Brien, whom Winston believed to be member of the Brotherhood – an organization fighting against the Party – turns to be his enemy, and the one monitoring his actions all along. 1984’s story ends with Winston being “cured” of the love he felt for July and admitting that the Party serves a good ideology.

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